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The Value of Flexibility in Online Schools

Written by Dr. Ben Porter, Executive Director of The Crest Online

Prior to, but especially since, the COVID disruption, more and more people are talking about the benefits of flexible schedules. Employees and employers found that flexible work schedules not only didn’t hurt production, but in many cases increased production for themselves and their organizations. I recently heard a report stating that as much as 50% of the positions that went remote during that pandemic are still working off-site. Positions that we once considered only manageable within a set workspace now offer the ability to be performed completely off-site. 

Education, at all levels, has also seen a shift towards flexibility in the pursuit of online opportunities. After many schools across the country were forced to figure out education in the digital world in a rapid-response format due to the COVID shutdowns, many students and families found reprieve in the opportunities to focus on school assignments when the time fit them best. Much like the discoveries of the corporate world, flexible schedules allowed students to interact with materials during times that made the most sense to them, allowing for higher levels of motivation and satisfaction. 

We all know that individuals learn differently. As we get older, we are able to recognize times of day that work best for us, when our creativity and curiosity levels are at their highest. Education is no different. Allowing students to interact with instruction during their peak times for learning has the ability to shift the mundane to the dynamic. Online education, often developed in the asynchronous model, therefore offers a great advantage to the student that seeks life outside of their studies. 

The Crest Online provides students with asynchronous, Christ-centered instruction that aligns Christian family values with online education. Learn more about the flexible learning model at The Crest Online by viewing our 15-minute Virtual Open House.

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