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As a high school parent, you want to help your teen make the most of this pivotal season of life. Over the next few years, your son or daughter will prepare for college, develop their character, and become more independent. You also hope they’ll deepen their faith and walk with the Lord so they are equipped to handle whatever life brings their way. 

At The Crest Online, we understand that what your teen learns, and how they learn, matters to you. We invite you to watch our Virtual Open House to learn more about online Christian education.

Wondering What Online Christian High School Could Look Like for Your Teen?

With many parents working remotely, students having different learning styles, and the flexibility needed for today’s busy lifestyles, there are over 1.1 million students studying outside the traditional classroom. Here’s how it works:

Selecting Courses

Families can choose between a full course load (four classes in the spring and four classes in the fall), or an a-la-carte format (one or two classes as needed). Our fully accredited program allows your teen to receive their high school diploma from The Crest Online, or supplement education they may have received elsewhere to fill in the gaps. 

View our Course Catalog to explore the classes we offer. While four courses at a time is considered a full load, students can take as many or as few courses as they’d like at The Crest Online. 

Planning for the Semester

Flexibility is a strong pull for parents who want their teens to finish early or take their time with their education. One-credit courses run for 16 weeks, and half-credit courses run for 8 weeks. Students have the ability to work at the pace that works best for them, so planning for a successful semester is key. The Crest Online students can look at their calendars and identify opportunities to work ahead so that they can find the best balance for their lifestyle.

Getting Organized 

Structure is incorporated into each class to keep high schoolers on track. We provide a user-friendly learning platform, a coursework calendar, interactive learning modules, and a suggested workflow, providing all the necessary tools for a successful experience.

If students need tips or tricks to stay on track, The Crest Online teachers and advisors are here to help.

Attending Class

We understand that no teen should be on a screen all day and seek to provide a healthy balance of on and off-screen learning experiences. At the Crest Online, screen time varies slightly by course, but all lectures are kept to 15-20 minutes, and we encourage students to break up their day with off-screen activities.

Our classes are asynchronous, so there is no set time when students are required to log on each week. 

Communicating with Teachers

For student-teacher communication, we use Canvas, a web-based learning management system. Students submit their work and receive grades, as well as feedback from their teachers, all in one place.

Asynchronous classes mean teachers and students do not meet directly for instructional time; however, students can always email teachers with questions or set up a Zoom meeting to talk face-to-face. Teachers are always available to support their students.

“TCO’s program is relatively short –16 weeks to complete a credit course — which is friendly to us, and my son can finish a course relatively quickly to free up time for him to take a music major course since he is planning to enroll in music school later. Since TCO offers an asynchronous program, the study time is more flexible, and my son can schedule his studies according to his time zone without having to stay up late.”

– A TCO Parent

Affording Online Christian Education

Affordability is one of the primary reasons why The Crest appeals to Christian families. Your teen will experience personalized, Christ-centered learning for less than a third of the tuition cost of traditional private Christian high schools.

If you have questions about how The Crest Online might fit into your family’s budget, visit our Tuition page for more information.

Next Steps

Choosing the right learning environment for your teen is a big decision. You want them to have enough flexibility to pursue their passions, enough challenge to keep them engaged, and all the support they need academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As you consider The Crest Online, we’re here to help. Here are a few next steps to help you move toward enrollment:

  1. Have your questions answered by our admissions team
  2. Submit your application and $75 application fee
  3. Look out for an email or phone call from our Executive Director, Ben Porter
  4. Register for classes

Upcoming start dates:

  • March 13, 2023

Watch Our Virtual Open House

Learn more about The Crest Online student experience and how it works by watching our Virtual Open House. We look forward to hearing from you soon!