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How Affordable Christian School Is Within Your Financial Reach

Trying to find the best education you can offer your teen can be a challenge. As a parent, you’re figuring out which school most closely aligns with your values and beliefs. You’re committed to finding a place with the academic standard that will truly challenge your child.

You’ve sifted through lots of possibilities, but haven’t quite landed on the right school option that fits with your family’s schedule.

Then comes tuition.

For your family, the issue of affordability might take your favorite choices completely off the table. Many families just like you want to consider a private Christ-centered school but are unsure if that choice will fit their budget. 

The Crest Online School is an affordable, faith-based option that allows your child to have some of the same experiences he or she would have in a traditional school.

TCO serves students from many different educational backgrounds; including homeschool, private school, and public school. International students, missionaries, and military families are represented at TCO. Our school is the perfect place for any teen who wants a flexible learning environment and more freedom in their high school experience.

Is online Christian education really affordable?

When you take a look at the cost of the typical private education, families pay $16,040 each year for tuition at a private high school in the United States. That’s $64,160 over the course of 4 years.

As a result of high tuition costs, many families find homeschooling, charter schools, magnet schools, or parochial schools an attractive option. 

But a virtual Christian school can provide a strong education that aligns with your family’s beliefs at a cost that supports your family’s lifestyle and finances. In fact, the annual tuition with a full course load at TCO is $5,200. That’s one-third of the cost of the national average.

Will an online Christian high school prepare my teen for college?

While affordability is an important consideration for your child’s education, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. As a parent, you want to know that your child is still getting a quality education — whether it’s in a traditional classroom or in an online learning environment. 

New technology tools have made remote education appealing to many families and a growing number of schools are exploring online education options for their children.

A few things to consider in your search for the right online Christian school:

  • Rich history: TCO was launched in 2021 as an online ministry of Ben Lippen School, a Christian prep school in Columbia, S.C. known for academic excellence that dates back to 1940.
  • Biblical worldview: You’re looking for a school that will come alongside your family to equip your teen for spiritual growth through intentional discipleship.
  • Value alignment: The right school shares the same values as your family — authority of Scripture, Christian living, and a heart for evangelism.

Questions about how TCO integrates a biblical worldview into our college prep curriculum? To learn more, contact the Admissions Office at

Is an online Christian high school right for my teen?

Affordability, structure, and flexibility are all key reasons why many families choose the virtual education option. Some families move frequently for work or other commitments. Or maybe kids with different learning styles are simply looking for a setting that offers more stability. As the pace of today’s family lifestyle continues to accelerate, a traditional school environment just might not work.

Parents need to ensure online education is the right fit for their teens. To be sure, online education isn’t right for every teen. This type of learning is ideal for teens who are:

  • Self-motivated and independent 
  • Ready for challenging academic work
  • Eager to explore extra-curricular activities

Families who have thrived with the online school model include homeschoolers, missionaries, and even hobbyists. A virtual Open House is an excellent way to find out if online Christian education is right for your family.

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Discover how you can give your teen a different high school experience.

As you consider an online education, imagine the benefits of a Christ-centered college prep high school education — on your schedule from anywhere in the world.

Discover TCO’s flexible online-only program designed to help your teen forge a path for success in college and beyond. Download our Parent Guide.

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