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Have questions about The Crest Online? Below you’ll find some common questions and answers for the following categories:

Virtual & Home School

States have different laws regarding accredited, online private schools. Your state may view The Crest Online as a private school or homeschool. Your local school district will provide you with the proper documentation that they require based on your state laws. It is also suggested to contact the Home School Legal Defense Association at www.hslda.org to find out what your state’s homeschooling laws are.

The Crest Online classes are for anyone! Public, private, or home-schooled students can take TCO classes.

Our courses are for:

  • Full-time virtual online students
  • Students taking courses part-time somewhere else
  • International students seeking a safe and excellent academic program

Various reasons for taking courses through TCO include:

  • To accelerate graduation
  • To make up coursework needed for graduating on time
  • To help balance academic and curricular activities
  • To be able to participate in athletics that require long-distance travel
  • To take a course not offered at their current school
  • To gain experience in the online educational world before college
  • Restrictions due to homebound reasons

No, a student can take as few as one course or as many as a full course load.

Application & Admissions

Families can use the online application. The Crest Online accepts students throughout the year with our flexible rolling enrollment.

Students take diagnostic tests in math and reading.

The Crest Online committee makes all final decisions on admissions. Once the application is submitted and courses are requested, the committee meets and the applicant is notified as soon as admittance decision is made.

Tuition is $650 per credit hour, and there is a $75 application fee. The tuition covers the curriculum, teacher access, academic advising, record keeping, and all academic services such as transcripts, college support, and administration.

It is important to note that TCO does not provide technology such as computers/laptops. 

Learn more about tuition.

The Crest Online offers online learning to students all over the world. Student work is then transmitted online for the TCO to grade and record. All a student needs is access to a computer with an internet connection.


Yes, every TCO course has a specific teacher that contacts your student before class begins with a “Welcome Email” and “Welcome Call.”

The Crest Online teachers are professional educators and committed Christ-followers.

Students may contact their teacher via phone, email, or video conference.

Students have the ability to pick their own classes as long as they meet any pre-requisites needed to be enrolled in a class. The Crest Online academic team works with families to ensure students have all courses needed for graduation.

The credit will show on our transcript as transfer credit with the school name from which the credit was transferred, or as a “homeschool” course if the course was administered by the parent.


The Crest Online offers the ERB assessment exams every Spring. This is available beginning in 9th grade for all students.

The Crest Online’s course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance to most universities and colleges. Due to the fact that each college or university has its own entrance requirements, the student will want to consult with the school of his or her choice in order to tailor a high school program that meets specific requirements of that institution.

The Crest Online’s transcript is accepted by most high schools; each school can accept or reject any transfer credits. If you anticipate a transfer to a local high school in the future, we recommend contacting the high school to verify that all credits will be accepted towards graduation.

A minimum of 26 credits are required for a college preparatory diploma, and a minimum of 28 credits is required for a college preparatory diploma with honors distinction.

If your student is transferring from another school, they will need to complete a minimum of one full year, or 5 credits, with The Crest Online.

If your student has been homeschooled, additional credits may be required if proper documentation cannot be provided for previous coursework.