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Why Virtual School?

Online Learning Community

The value of online courses continues to grow as college online offerings continue to expand. Additionally, some states are requiring at least one online course credit for high school graduation. With The Crest Online, families can be confident in the community of learners and educational expectations their students experience.

Spiritual Life

At The Crest Online, we prioritize Jesus’ charge to make disciples. Discipleship, put simply, is following Jesus and intentionally helping others to do the same. We want to teach and live in a way where Christ is evident and made more famous. There’s no shortcut for spiritual growth and each student is at a unique place spiritually. However, we believe in these kingdom priorities because Jesus perfectly modeled them and taught them:

Mission: Following Jesus and helping others do the same
Means: Relationships
Message: The Gospel
Motivation: Love
Ministry: The Holy Spirit working in and through us

Our school provides an incredible platform to come alongside parents and the church in the discipleship process. We are humbled and grateful to partner with you in the greatest journey this life has to offer: following Jesus and helping others to do the same.