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Who We Serve

Choosing the right high school puts a student on a trajectory of success for their college education, career, and calling. Parents and teens alike understand that this is a pivotal time of life and learning. You may have considered private school, public school, and homeschooling — but none of these options fully meet your needs.

Whatever your reasons for considering online high school, we’re glad you’re here! The Crest Online provides an exceptional Christ-centered education that will equip your teen for college and life. And the best part? They can complete their schoolwork from anywhere in the world — whether around the kitchen table or while traveling abroad. 

The Crest Online might be a good fit for your teen if he or she is …

  • Interested in taking high school classes at his or her own pace 
  • Currently homeschooled and looking for courses that will challenge and support his or her growing interests and strengths
  • Looking for an education that aligns with Christian values
  • Struggling in his or her current school environment and looking for a change
  • Traveling for sports, performances, or family circumstances and needs the flexibility and convenience of an online education
  • Missing needed high school credits, which could affect their graduation and college plans

Wondering who benefits most from The Crest Online experience?

Student at computer

Homeschool Families

Many parents who have homeschooled their children seek extra support at the high school level. Their teens are able to study more independently and ready for more rigorous, college-prep academics. At the same time, they don’t want to lose the flexibility that homeschooling offers.

Fast-Track Students

Some students need a single class to graduate. Others want to stay enrolled at their current school, but take extra classes to jump ahead and complete high school faster. The Crest Online is an ideal opportunity for students to choose one or a few classes to achieve their future goals. 


Whether serving overseas or in local communities, missionary family lifestyles require flexibility. Still, parents want their children to receive a high-quality, Christ-centered education. Ben Lippen School has a long history of working with missionaries, and TCO provides the same excellent education in an online format. 

Military Families

Military families have unpredictable schedules, and on behalf of everyone at The Crest Online, we’re thankful for all the sacrifices you make for our country. If relocation is an ever-present reality for your family, online Christian school can provide consistent, quality education and the flexibility you need.

International Students

Teens looking for a high school education in the United States discover that The Crest Online is an excellent starting point. Some international students may choose to start at TCO and then transfer to Ben Lippen School after two years, although physically coming to the states is not required.

Athletes, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

Students who are actively pursuing their passions are often looking for a flexible, online school experience. TCO is an ideal high school for traveling athletes, performers, and even young entrepreneurs who have turned their hobbies into businesses.

While these are some of the most common types of students and families at The Crest Online, we welcome any prospective student who is looking for greater flexibility, a challenging curriculum, and the opportunity to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord. Incoming students must:

  • Have successfully completed the prior grade level and/or pre-requisite courses 
  • Be self-motivated and capable of managing their time
  • Have the ability and willingness to communicate with their teachers

I love the self-paced study and I can get help from my teachers. Also, the discussion section allows me to interact with my peers and motivates me to think deeper about topics.”

– A TCO Student

Ready for College. Ready for Life.

Students who attend online high school are exceptionally prepared for college, whether they choose to attend classes on a physical campus or move onto higher education in an online format. The development of independent study skills, time management, and self-advocacy is an important part of The Crest Online experience. While our teachers are accessible and dedicated to supporting their students, there is less hand-holding and more opportunity for students to feel empowered and in the driver’s seat of their education. Professors find that students who have taken online classes at the high school level thrive in college and are well-equipped for the real world. 

Let’s Talk About What Online High School Could Look Like for Your Family

Whether you fit into one of the above categories or not, we want to hear your story and learn more about your student’s needs. Request more information about The Crest Online today, and we’ll reach out to you soon to answer your questions and share more about the opportunities available for your teen within our online learning community.