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Tuition at The Crest Online

Christ-centered high school classes at your own pace.
On your own schedule.
From anywhere in the world.

As your teen approaches high school, it might be hard to imagine that soon your son or daughter will be preparing for college, ministry, service, trade school, or joining the workforce. You recognize that these four years of high school will be some of the most significant years, and you want to be sure your teen is building a solid foundation — academically, spiritually, and personally — for what God has in store for him or her.

Through The Crest Online, you can take steps to ensure your child’s high school education aligns with your Christian values and what you’re teaching at home. Whether you’re looking for an online high school experience that gives your son or daughter the flexibility to move at his or her own pace, or you want to supplement his or her current education with an extra course or two, we offer exceptional, Christ-centered, online courses taught by qualified teachers from all over the country.  

Average annual tuition of a private high school in the United States = $16,040
Annual tuition with a full course load at The Crest Online = $5,200

How much does The Crest Online cost?

Every Crest Online course is $650 and may be taken as needed or as a complete high school curriculum. Students can take as few as one course or as many as five each semester. (We recommend four per semester.)

My child wants to take … Cost 
One course this semester650
A full course load (4 courses) this semester*2600
A full course load (4 courses each semester, 8 courses per year)  this school year5200
*Students may take up to five courses per semester, but we recommend four.
There is a $75 nonrefundable application fee.

Included in tuition:

  • Course curriculum with biblical integration through Canvas LMS 
  • Instructional materials 
  • Teacher access, including video conferencing 
  • Discussion boards for classroom conversations
  • Academic advising
  • College counseling, starting in 10th grade 
  • Annual ERB assessment exam
  • Record-keeping
  • Academic services such as transcripts, college support, and administration

Not included in tuition:

  • Technology, such as a laptop, desktop computer, or printer
  • Textbooks, when required, which cost an average of $40 each

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in accessibility and affordability, which is why we’re making an exceptional Christian education available at an affordable cost to high school students anywhere in the world. At this time, we do not offer tuition assistance or scholarships, but our annual tuition of $5,200 is priced competitively, as the average price of private high school tuition in the United States is $16,040 annually.

We do not offer payment plans at this time. Tuition is paid per course, per semester and is due before the course begins.

Our courses are designed to be completed in 16 weeks. However, a student can finish in as little as 12 weeks or take as long as 20 weeks.

For additional FAQs, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.