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Faculty Spotlight – Dale Angstadt

Mr. Angstadt is teaching The Crest Online’s upcoming Old Testament Survey class. Ben Lippen School alumni might remember taking a class with Mr. Angstadt, a beloved faculty member who has been at Ben Lippen for 30 years!

Mr. Angstadt spoke with us about his perspective on the value of an online Christian High School education through The Crest Online.

How does The Crest Online align with Ben Lippen School in the value of Christian Education from a biblical worldview?

“Our students develop faith in Jesus Christ through academics, leadership development, and personal relationships. Students and their families will benefit from an 81-year heritage and tradition of Christian education, and the commitment and stability that that faithful longevity brings.

The Crest Online has the same theological beliefs as Ben Lippen and CIU, so students will benefit from a non-denominational, Biblio-centric, and biblically-integrated education so they can be strengthened in the faith that has already been imparted to them by their family and church, but will gain a broader perspective of Christianity and the church as they are taught from this wider perspective

What do you see as the value of The Crest Online?

The Crest Online offers an opportunity for families to have available to them an affordable and accessible Christian education, regardless of where they are located. Students will learn in all disciplines to think biblically and holistically from a biblically-integrated curriculum. Like Ben Lippen, the goal of The Crest Online is to support and assist family and the church, not to replace or to compete with either; The Crest Online desires to provide a protagonist educational ministry to the families it serves.”

How will you infuse your personal teaching style with online instruction?

“In the online format, like the in-person classroom, assignments will focus on analysis, synthesis, evaluation, problem-solving, and higher-level thinking skills. We will be training students to think biblically and examine what they believe in light of the Scriptures and the truths of the various disciplines, so they ‘own’ their faith in an informed and intelligent manner.”